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Textual works

"Words are also lines, (...) stripes through which to see without seeing anything.

Jacques Derrida.


​Video single-band

Work in progress since 2011. Appropriation of texts from film trailers and philosophical texts.

High Hopes project, from the events happened in Amityville in 1974.
Repentance, refere to "I will not make anymore boring art" by J. Baldessari

Repentance (.txt)
Blood and black smoke on paper

Backup refere to the movie "Terminator"

Backup (.txt)
Lead pencil on paper. Rubbing. Replica from the Terminator, a film about time travel.


​Sending anonymous postcards.

​Sending anonymous postcards.


Not available, De Maria(.txt) c-print_120/80cm

Not available, De Maria(.txt)

No signal

No signal (.txt)

Scratches on school notebooks
"perdu de vue", illuminated sign "lost sight of

lost sight of (.txt)
Illuminated sign _40/60cm

Vanish here, after "Less than zero" and "Lunar Park" by Bret Easton Ellis

Vanish here (.txt)

Adhesive _Reuse of "Less than zero", a novel by Bret Easton Ellis, in which the words written with a finger are revealed on a fogged mirror, words that will be reused 20 years later by the author, on an advertising poster in his novel "Lunar park".

Coming soon (.txt)
Single-band video loop

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