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 Small burn on fire 

Photo on Dibond_40/50cm 

"Small burns on fire" is a series of photographs that is part of a succession of works by three distinct artists: "Various Small Fires" is a collection of photographs by Ed Ruscha published in 1964; in 1969, Bruce Nauman burns this book page by page and produces a poster entitled "Burning Small Fires"; Jonathan Monk with "Small Fires Burning (after Ed Ruscha after Bruce Nauman after)" perpetuates this gesture in a video in 2002. I am pursuing the same goal here by taking up this fire ritual. The objects subjected to it invite us to think about the drawing, of which repentance (cartomancy), conjuration (Mallarmé), reminiscence (Proust)... are the metaphor. blalalala

Conjuration, a photograph of a burning die in reference to Mallarmé.

​ Conjuring 

Reminiscence, a photograph of a burning madeleine in reference to Proust.


Repentance, a photograph of a burning apology card in reference to fortune telling and guilt.

​ Repentance 

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